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Garden and Domestic Fencing

Garden Fencing comes in many styles.  A (small) selection is included here but there are many others to choose from.

Panel fencing – we can supply in a range of styles, ready-made sections which are relatively inexpensive and quickly installed. Often used as a simple barrier or as a support for climbing plants and hanging baskets.

West Cornwall Fencing. Long boundary fence around garden.
West Cornwall Fencing -Long boundary garden fence

Offset fencing – with the option of vertical or horizontal fitting, this fencing allows a proportion of any strong winds to pass through whilst still ensuring privacy.  This is a very popular choice for gardens in West Cornwall that are exposed to the seasonal gale force winds!

Post and rail fencing – sometimes known as stock fencing this is good for larger boundaries and comes with the option to add wire mesh at the bottom to keep smaller animals out/in.

Picket fencing – not just for the American’s!  This is a very versatile fence and we can make it to any specification.  From a pretty little garden boarder or low fence to keep small children from falling into a garden pond, right up to substantial and strong boundary fences.  It has the added benefit of being highly suitable for uneven or undulating terrain.

Close-board or feather-board fencing – a tight fitting board fence to give privacy and a very robust structure. Great alternative to steel fencing for increasing security whilst retaining a pleasant appearance.

Bespoke fencing made in our own workshop

If the fence you want is not available from stock, or if you want something totally original for your feature garden, we have the materials tools and skills to make it for you in our Penzance workshop.  All this at no extra cost!

We also supply and install commercial or industrial fencing at very competitive prices.  If your business needs a secure border, we are the people to talk to.

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